In one week I’m starting my summer job as a camp monitor and i am so excited! Its extremely fun on a day to day basis because not only do you meet new and interesting people in a very energetic environment, but your job is to basically to make the kids at your camp have the most wonderful summer ever. Personally, i have never been to a day camp, but having known it was this fun, I would have begged my parents to go.

So i finished the veggie challenge last tuesday-ish and it was great! As some of my friends started to notice the lack of meat in my diet, I have “enrolled” myself into another round of the veggie challenge later on this summer. I am actually quite looking forward to it as it was an experience that has forever changed my perspective on food.

Ok, so I didn’t exactly finish the vegetarian challenge. actually, a piece of sushi kinda sabotaged my streak on the 5th day… see I had sushi for super and it just so happened that one of the pieces had chicken in it. So yesterday I restarted the challenge and I am hoping to complete it this time.